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Treatments and Rehabilitation

Arena Physio and Sports Rehab

We provide complete, hands on approach to physiotherapy and sports rehabilitation using the facilities on site, including a dedicated exercise room as used by the rugby team. Our aim is to help facilitate and restore or improve pre injury levels of function.

What to expect
Your initial appointment will involve taking a thorough history relating to your symptoms, followed by a physical examination. A discussion of your injury and management plan will follow and appropriate referral will be organized if required to aid diagnosis and management. Treatment will commence on your first visit. Corrective exercise is a vital component of the rehabilitation process. Patients may be provided a progressive exercise program as part of their treatment. One to one rehab sessions can be provided on site as part of your treatment. Note – it is recommended patients bring or wear appropriate clothing.

Treatments and services are tailored to the individuals needs and may consist of:

  • Manual Therapy - spinal and peripheral joint mobilisations.
  • Soft Tissue Therapy – Sports massage, massage, myofascial release, stretching.
  • Exercise Rehabilitation Programmes - neuromuscular control or "core stability", endurance, strength, power.
  • One to one and group exercise rehab - for anything from back pain to pre - post orthopaedic surgery.
  • Taping techniques.
  • Diagnostic Imaging – we are able to refer locally for prompt, private MRI and Ultrasound. Note - costs are the responsibility of the patient and are not performed on site.